The Fediverse/Meta Drama

If you have an irrational hate for companies and despise Meta, don’t read this article! You’ll get irrationally mad! You have been warned!

Note: This article is mostly a copy-paste of my Mastodon thread, so it’s not really well written. You can follow the thread at

Begin excerpt

Suspicion and concern [towards Meta], yes, but I think people are treating this like Meta is purchasing the community or something akin to that.

It’s going to be just another instance. Others can defederate if it becomes an issue; that has always been what we do with far worse (e.g., alt-right) instances!

Nothing has even happened yet, though. Nothing that would justify hostility towards both Meta and other developers working on the project.

I suppose my main point is that I don’t get all the sudden hostility coming from everyone when things have barely even happened.

Yes, the NDA sucks, and it’s really stupid that things are happening behind the curtains. But does that matter?

The code is open source, the platform is moderated independently, and there are dozens of alternatives. What’s to worry about when nothing has even happened yet?

Also y’all harassed a core developer off the Fediverse? Seriously?

End excerpt

The developer being harassed off the Fediverse is too nasty. That’s way too nasty. Hey, you people harassed a core developer off the platform that they contributed so much towards! And for what? For them having good-will and thinking that their actions are benefiting the greater good?

I remember there was a toot pushing for Meta defederation, that Fediverse apparently has problems with transphobia, racism, anti-semetism, and a bunch of other issues. Getting Meta federated might not solve these problems, but hey, I’m sure harassing a developer off the platform is going to help!

This is absolutely insane.