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The Fediverse/Meta Drama

If you have an irrational hate for companies and despise Meta, don't read this article! You'll get irrationally mad! You have been warned!

Note: This article is mostly a copy-paste of my Mastodon thread, so it's not really well written. You can follow the thread at https://hachyderm.io/@diamond/110567418571811538.

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This article is a reply to @robpike@hachyderm.io's toot.

I'm sorry, but this post screams "boomer take" to me. As much as I am a huge fan of Go and their creators, I don't think this take makes sense. (1/4)

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TitanCodes 2023 Walkthrough (spoilers!)

Note: this article contains spoilers!.

I'll be using this article to brain-dump my thought process while doing TitanCodes 2023. A lot of the solutions here assume you already know some Linux and will heavily utilize Linux tools.

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Nix Cheat Sheet

This document describes a few useful Nix functionalities that you’ll want to use often.

Note that only use this document to get the gist of things; it is not meant to be a detailed explanation. As usual, heed for the man pages for more information. It is also written with the intention that you're using Nix within a non-NixOS distribution.

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Cgo rambling: sacrificing performance or tricking the runtime?

This following comment is extracted from a file in gotk4:

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What uses are Go interfaces, and why should I care?

Let's go down a shallow rabbit hole and talk about the importance of interfaces and how it impacts your code not just for unit testing but also to neatly separate and organize your services.

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Go's http.Handler is a lot more flexible than some people would expect. Here are some of my preferred ways of using them.

The article will assume that the router library is chi, because it's a great library to use. It will also assume that the application being made is named bookstore.

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Profiling in Go is dead easy. You should do it.

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Go doesn't have unions, but there's a hack to do it.

Assume we want to create a union type of a node that may be a text node or a container node that holds text nodes. The following code (playground) demonstrates this:

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fmt.Scan, fmt.Scanf and fmt.Scanln are harmful.

Every time I want to use those APIs, I always find myself having to look up the documentation for their exact behaviors.

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Using Go contexts as "magical value vaults" can be hard to understand. This article is written to quickly introduce a way to easily grasp it.

(This blog article was rewritten from a previous chat message.)

Given this piece of Go code that uses the chi router library:

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